Published Oct 2019

Out Of Touch? Public Sector Telephony Today


Public sector organisations have established many initiatives and goals to become digitally progressive and collaborative. Take Rt Hon Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, whose ambition it is to build the UK at the nexus of artistic and cultural creativity and technical brilliance. And, even as the UK’s political mood becomes increasingly uncertain, it’s still Hancock’s vision to adopt digital technology to break down the silos between cultural sectors. Or, take Health Minister Nicola Blackwood, who, earlier this year, described her own ambition for “a fully digitised NHS”, where clinicians, industry, researchers, charities and government can work together to improve patient care, safety and NHS services.

Whilst government and public sector goals are making some headway, real success relies upon a strong ability for staff, teams, departments and organisations to communicate with each other in modern ways. Without the right communication systems, staff can easily fall out of touch, lose productivity, damage morale, and even risk business and customer relationships.

The Trouble with Traditional Telephony

public sector telephonyCommunication will suffer if organisations depend on traditional modes of communications.

This means that face to face and traditional telephony just isn’t enough anymore. In today’s tech savvy world, with constantly evolving behaviours and expectations from staff and citizens, communication needs to meet the needs of the times. No longer is it practical to use conventional telephony; working in restricted silos and restricting staff to their desks.

Now is the time for the public sector to arm itself with future-proof communications. Whether its mobile, email, social media, messaging, video conferencing (or a combination of them all) the benefits of modern telephony means all communication can be hosted on one platform. It also means that, whether in the office, out on site, on the move, in government hubs, or working from home, modern telephony means communication can be flexible, seamless and dynamic.

Keeping in Contact

Implementing the next generation of telephony is likely to not be the first thought on any organisation’s minds, and yet, it can be the agent for change and better government collaboration. Modern telephony plays a huge role in helping the public sector’s digital ambitions materialise – and remain sustainable. Unlike conventional telephony, the right IT and telephony solutions can help reduce costs, and support staff to provide more responsive and personalised public services. What’s more, telephony solutions enable public sector staff stay connected to each other, and their customers in convenient and efficient ways. Business processes become more streamlined and mobility and collaboration are optimised to suit the immediate needs of the times.

So, let’s look at five key benefits:


Modern telephony enables staff responsiveness, connects dispersed teams, hot desking staff and staff working remotely, rather than restricting them to a desk. Teams no longer need to be located under the same roof. Each member of staff can take responsibility for indicating their own availability and contact status with presence tools. Staff can then view the status before passing through the call.  The right telephony boosts productivity and does not restrict it.


Moving lines to an internet-based platform provides reduced call costs, cost effective back up lines, more flexibility, resilience and support in consolidating costs. 


Modern telephony helps organisations effectively manage customer interactions by voice, email and web chat. What’s more, SMS, social media and notifications can be integrated to ensure continuous connections with customers.


Our cloud-based telephony services require minimal-to-no on-site equipment, eliminating the need for equipment that requires valuable time from IT staff and space in your building.


Improve the customer experience and offer greater integration opportunities that can help government organsiations meet the unique needs of their customers.

Achieve more from your communications

Opus provides IT and communication solutions for all Public Sector organisations. We provide ethical and honest advice by firstly assessing staff productivity and quality of service.

We then closely work with you to establish your requirements to provide a telephony solution that can further enhance your quality of service, reduce operational costs and increase staff productivity.

Contact us on 0800 316 7566 for more details and connect, work and collaborate in ways you never could before.

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