Published May 2019

Prepare for Windows Server 2008 End of Support



Prepare for Windows Server 2008 end of support

Time Running OutExtended support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 ends January 14, 2020. Microsoft will no longer release security updates, which may expose you to security attacks or make you out of compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR.

Avoid business disruptions and use this as an opportunity to modernise your application stack.
No security updates

There will be no access to critical updates, opening the potential for business interruptions and loss of data.

Compliance concerns

As support ends, your organisation may fail to meet compliance standards and industry regulations.

Innovation opportunity

Leaders that embrace digital transformation outperform the competition.

Take advantage of this opportunity to transform critical parts of your operation and move off outdated platforms.
  • Migrate to Azure VM running Windows Server 2016, 2012, or 2008
  • Containerise apps with Windows Server 2016 or rewrite using Azure PaaS
  • Upgrade servers to Windows Server 2016 to get cloud and DevOps ready

For advice and information on how to future proof your Microsoft Server environment speak to our IT Services team on 0800 316 7566.

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