Published Jun 2017

Opus Hosts Enterprise Collaboration and Digital Transformation Seminar


Opus Hosts Enterprise Collaboration and Digital Transformation Seminar

Digital TransformationOpus provided insight into Enterprise Collaboration and Digital Transformation at the recent seminar in London.

Supported by guest speakers from Mitel and Exponential-e, a mixture or existing customers and interested organisations were treated to the history of Unified Communications and how it had evolved to include Collaboration and Mobility and further still to manage projects and works streams, in real time, independent of location.

Lisa Dolphin from Mitel demonstrated how businesses had benefited from Digital Transformations to gain unique advantages in the changing market place and how the Internet of Things will further drive business transformations.

Jonathan Bridges from Exponential-e underpinned the Digital Transformation message explaining the need and benefits of robust connectivity and a resilient server environment to enable Unified Communications and Collaboration.

He went on to provide some insightful examples of how combining business data analysis with market statistics could provide detail market intelligence and sales opportunities.

Opus Marketing Director Craig Walden explained the Opus role in Digital Transformation and how partnering with industry leading vendors such as Mitel and Exponential-e, Opus are able to seamlessly integrate end-to-end unified communications backed by nationwide support.

Having been through significant business transformation ourselves with a head office move, Opus are perfectly placed to support organisations with their chosen path to Digital Transformation.

Thank you to everybody who attended our event, news of our next educational seminar will be announced shortly.

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