Published Mar 2019

Is Brexit putting your customers on the backseat?

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Delivering customer service throughout Brexit and beyondThe Implications of Brexit

It’s no secret that Brexit is having profound legal, economic, social and political implications – and it’s affecting us all. Not one day goes by where there isn’t a flurry of headlines covering the dilemmas, decisions and – delays, around Brexit.

And, with these disconcerting levels of political paralysis, dizzying arguments over the nature of any future Brexit “deal” – not to mention a constantly fluctuating pound – Brexit has great ramifications for society as a whole and is creating much uncertainty.

What we know for sure

As Philip Hammond prepares for his budget statement next month, we’re waiting with bated breath to gain insight into the fiscal position of the UK before it formally leaves the EU.

One thing’s for sure; we face a precarious future. It’s a future steeped in much insecurity and mixed messages, which is set to continue during the exit negotiations.

Public Sector – Are you primed for change?

This major shift in the UK’s position in the world has wide reaching implications for the public sector and the delivery of citizen services. Brexit brings with it a broad range of challenges which affect all remits of society – and the quality of our public services in particular stand in the wings of change.

Local public services – councils, health bodies, social care providers, police, charities etc – must all work even harder to make better spending decisions to survive the potential – or inevitable, budget cuts. The public sector must be perfectly primed for change to ensure they don’t drown in the political sea change we’re all experiencing.

Don’t lose the focus

While the bickering over Brexit persists, demand for public services is continuing to grow (and in many cases, outstripping funding). As pressure on the public sector intensifies, it’s easy to get lost in the Brexit fog. But the public sector cannot afford to lose its focus – to serve its citizens.

The customer experience (CX) is crucial. But what exactly is the customer experience? Put simply, it’s how customers feel when they think about or interact with you. CX is the yardstick by which every customer judges its relationship with your business.

It’s critical now more than ever that the public sector delivers a high level of services, ensuring they are meeting the changing needs of individuals. And the big question is, how can the public sector practically continue to fulfil its overarching mission – to strengthen the relationship between the citizen and the state?

Risk or opportunity

Brexit creates both risk and opportunity. The public sector must be single-minded on its approach to customer service. Leaders must work hard to energise customer engagement initiatives. They must ensure they are fully exploiting the right customer-focused technology to ensure that all needs are met. Confidence, loyalty and trust must be built for their customers. They need to feel listened to, valued, engaged with and provided with a personalised service. People need to be reassured that, despite everything, they are still important.
The customer experience must be placed at centre stage of the public sector’s post-Brexit plans. Leaders who make the right investments will get the best returns, both now and when Britain formally departs from the EU.

In our time of uncertainty, what is certain is that now is the time to make a major leap forward in your CX investments.

What’s your CX strategy? Are you currently using technology to capture the needs and demands of your customers? Do you want insight into the technology that will help your business conquer the customer experience?

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