Published Aug 2021

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself When Reviewing Your Contact Centre


Following the launch of our Opus Together™ range of services and in particular our Opus Engage contact centre solutions, we caught up with our very own contact centre expert Kris Graham, to find out what questions organisations should be asking themselves and their current contact centre provider, when reviewing their contact centre technology. Read on to find out what those questions are.

10 Contact Centre QuestionsThe Ten Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What communication channels are your customers currently using and what channels are you looking to implement in the future?

2. How long do you spend extracting reporting information? Is this information available in a single report and do you have the ability to create custom reports?

3. Is the contact centre integrated with core business applications to deliver screen pops, click to dial and data directed routing?

4. Is your call recording PCI compliant, taking into account that visibility of agents is limited when working from home?

5. How easily can you make changes to agent skills based on demand in different areas of your contact centre?

6. Can you create outbound campaigns during quiet inbound periods to maximise efficiency within your contact centre team?

7. Can you tell how well your agents are coping in their roles and how effectively they’re dealing with customer conversations?

8. Does your contact centre enable the seamless transfer of customer information between the front and back office?

9. Has your contact centre experienced any downtime in the previous 12 months? If yes, what was the cost to the business from an FTE perspective and lost revenue for that time period?

10. Do your contact centre agents have the same wallboard visibility and reporting wherever they’re working?

Download our guide where Kris takes you through the ten questions and the answers you should be hearing.


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