Six benefits of moving to a cloud-based phone system

Keep your employees and customers connected in a cloud first world

Over the past 18 months businesses have been forced to undergo an accelerated period of digital transformation. Many have had to introduce new technologies quickly or moved existing technologies to the cloud to enable remote or hybrid working. We’ve helped many of our customers re-think how they use their traditional business telephony to better enable today’s mobile workforce by deploying a cloud based system.  Is it time your business moved to a cloud-based phone system? 

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Read on to find out the six key benefits of moving to a cloud-based phone system for your business

A cloud-based phone system has all the features of its on-premises counterpart, but without the need for any physical hardware. As it is hosted in the cloud, it also means that it can be accessed and used from anywhere, on any device. Read on to discover six key benefits of moving to a cloud-based phone system.

Easy to Scale

With an on-premises traditional phone system, as a business grows and scales it can often result in significant expenditure when adding new users. As with many services hosted in the cloud, it is easier and often more cost effective to add a user to a cloud-based phone system. This means that businesses only need to pay for the services they require and easily scale according to current business requirements. Similarly, for businesses with a temporary workforce, or contract workers, having a cloud-based telephony solution makes this process easier, and reduces costs.

Work from Anywhere

With the advent of hybrid working, it is important that all technology used within a business can be used from anywhere and on any device.  With a cloud telephony solution, such as Microsoft 365 Business Voice, businesses can keep their existing numbers and features of their previous phone system, whilst allowing employees to take calls from home, the office or on the go with the Teams mobile app. 

 Better Customer Engagement

A phone system is an important component of the customer experience. A comprehensive cloud telephony solution can enhance the customer experience, and lead to better customer engagement and profitability. Many cloud-based phone systems can also integrate with your current customer relationship management system, which helps employees deliver quality customer experiences, and the data can be analysed to help businesses make data-driven business decisions.

Easy to Use

When businesses implement new technologies, there is often a period of adjustment, where employees need to be trained on how to use the technology and troubleshoot any minor issues. With a cloud-based phone system, if an employee has experience using a traditional phone system or Microsoft Teams, they will be able to use the new system with little or no training. Businesses are able to use existing hardware, or simply use the Teams desktop application as their entire phone system.

Advanced Call Features

There are many advanced call features that can be implemented with a cloud-based phone system to provide a better experience for customers and increase productivity and reporting capabilities for businesses. Some of the advanced features included with Microsoft 365 Business Voice include the addition of an auto-attendant, interactive voice response (IVR) and music on hold. An auto-attendant helps customers connect with the correct employee or team, decreasing the amount of time customers spend on hold, creating a better customer experience. IVR allows callers to self-serve their call experience and solve their own query through automated call management paths.

Faster Install

Businesses that used a traditional phone system will be accustomed to the long wait times involved with the install of a new phone. For a traditional phone system, an IT team must physically install the phones and the associated lines and hardware. In comparison, a cloud-based phone system does not require any on-premises hardware and can often be install within a few days. All troubleshooting and maintenance can also be completely remotely, decreasing downtime and helping business increase productivity.

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Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from implementing a cloud-based phone system, after all, being available and easy to contact is the bedrock of outstanding customer experience. Whether you’re always on the move, working from home, or permanently in the office, we can help you be there for your customers. Wherever you are with our range of Opus Communicate solutions.

Opus Communicate gives you the tools to communicate effectively with people both inside and outside of your business – anywhere and on any device. This includes a range of cloud telephony solutions from premium partners Mitel, Gamma and 8x8 as well as Microsoft Teams Business Voice solutions and integrations.

If you want to find out more about cloud-based telephony, or how easy it can be to implement one in your business, get in contact with us today.

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