Published Aug 2021

Transform your business with Tech-as-a-Service


Digital Transformation in a Modern Workplace

Many organisations are already reaping the rewards of having a robust IT digital transformation strategy in place – with increased productivity, greater collaboration and output, improved customer relationships and employee morale, to name but a few of the benefits.   In addition, the pandemic has fast tracked the adoption of a ‘mobile first’ philosophy giving employees the ability to work anywhere, at any-time with hybrid working now the norm. 

Recent analysis by Deloitte highlights that in 2021 a redoubling of digital transformation efforts is required to enable organisations to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and boldly position themselves to thrive in the future.

Deloitte highlights that an emphasis needs to be placed on improving cloud infrastructure, data and analytics capabilities, cybersecurity, and business model transformation.

IT technology needs to therefore be fit for purpose if an organisation is to continue to thrive, recover and prosper as we begin to move out of the pandemic.

Why make the technology shift from legacy IT?

In-house IT resources are often stretched to capacity making it difficult and financially unviable for companies to devote time, effort and budget to manage and maintain IT infrastructure as well as the myriad of different devices across the entire organisation.  As a result, we still see many companies operating on older and outdated IT legacy systems where devices are unaligned to the user requirement needed for a Modern Workplace.


Legacy systems have been a hurdle to digital transformation efforts since way before the pandemic, but why more than ever should this be a concern for IT managers?  The most obvious challenge that legacy systems pose is keeping them maintained. Updates are usually sparse at best, or not available at all.

Integrating old legacy systems with modern solutions can also be a huge headache as many modern cloud and other SaaS solutions are not compatible with older legacy systems. Perhaps the biggest concern of all right now though is cybersecurity and outdated systems are a prime target for attack. Attackers are always keen to seek out and exploit weak points of entry in solutions in order to gain access. Organisations that continue to operate with old legacy systems are simply opening themselves up to an attack.

So what can a business do about upgrading its IT legacy system?

The move to a Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) Model

One of the most damning implications of continuing to use a legacy system is the stifled ability to modernise and grow. By not investing in new technology and sticking with a legacy system, you’re hampering your own ability to compete and thrive.

At Opus, we are passionate about providing businesses with technology services they can rely on, after all technology is what keeps you moving. We’re also aware that this can be one of the biggest investments you make, so it has to be fit for purpose, scalable and reliable.

We advise many organisations of all sizes to consider shifting to a services-based, subscription model for their IT consumption.  Known as Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS), TaaS allows businesses to combine the latest hardware, software and associated services and IT support into a single offering on a price per seat per month basis.

What are the benefits of TaaS?

Businesses who move to the Tech-as-a-Service model can enjoy access to the latest hardware and software technology with a wrap of tailored service and support around it.  Software updates, upgrades and installations can be included in a service package and all managed externally giving CIO’s more freedom to focus on other core business activities and game changing digital transformation strategies.

The cost of implementing a totally new IT infrastructure as capital expenditure can be huge, however, with the TaaS subscription model, companies can budget more effectively for change and upscale gradually or in-line with business growth.

The move to TaaS ultimately means that all employees will have access to the latest technology, updates and refreshes that will build a Modern Workplace.

Opus Modernise tailored TaaS Solutions

Digital transformation is not a one-off change, it’s a constant evolution. That’s why as part of our Opus Modernise services, we can help you establish your technology strategy working together in partnership with you to support you on your technology roadmap. Our expert IT consultants can help transform the way your technology is procured by providing a tailored and unique IT proposition that is aligned to your business and budgetary requirements.  We will help you analyse the cost effectiveness of moving to a subscription model which will ensure you to have the latest technology, services and maintenance in place through a cost-effective TaaS payment plan.

And, with data security at the forefront of every CIO’s mind, Our Opus Secure services will ensure the highest levels of security and service are deployed to give you the peace of mind that your essential data and systems are kept secure and compliant.

For a no obligation assessment of your current IT infrastructure contact our expert IT team today.

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