The question ‘What does CX mean to your customers?’ was one which was raised in a report we sponsored –  ‘The UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers Guide 2020-1’ which was commissioned by Contact Babel, the leading analyst firm for the contact centre industry.

We’ve all experienced both good and bad customer experience, yet do we always stop to consider what excellent customer experience actually means to the customer? Do we place ourselves in the shoes of our customers enough?

Read on to find out what CX means to customers in a report we sponsored, and why first contact resolution was ranked as the number one factor by both businesses and consumers. 

First Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolution is ranked as the number one factor thought to affect CX by businesses

To put the question of CX into perspectives, organisations were first asked rank eight factors that they believe could impact levels of customer experience  – these factors were long opening hours, short call / web chat times, UK based employees, polite friendly employees, issues handled by one employee, choice of channels, short queue/wait time for response and first time resolution.

First contact resolution was clearly seen as being the most important factor impacting upon customer experience, with 53% of respondents ranking it in first place.  Other factors that were seen to be important were short queue/wait time and having polite and friendly employees.

Read the full report. 

The View from the Customer

Consumers were also asked to state which were the top three most important factors to them when contacting an organisation, with the same factors presented to them that had been offered to organisations within the business survey.  Consumers across all ages and demographics overwhelmingly agreed that first contact resolution is the most important single factor impacting upon customer experience when contacting a business.

A short queue/wait time for response was also seen as being a vital part of the customer experience and, perhaps surprisingly for businesses, having UK-based employees is also seen as really important to customers.

Why is FCR so important?

Optimal first contact resolution should be an essential focus for all companies that strive to deliver quality service to their customers.  Not only can it help you ensure your customers remain loyal and happy but in the event of a dissatisfied customer it could enable the agent to address the concerns of a customer in a swift and friendly way which may even result in you keeping that customer and them becoming an advocate of you company.


First Contact Resolution and other metrics to track

While first contact resolution is undoubtedly key to driving contact centre success and positive customer experience, it is important to remember that no metric is an island: focusing on one measurement alone will have knock-on effects on others.  Our blog ‘The contact centre metrics you should track to keep you customers happy’ looks at a number of contact centre metrics you need to be tracking in order to drive loyalty and trust.

Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide

How important is customer experience in your contact centre?

As competition increases, especially in today’s climate of uncertainty, your customers are demanding more from the experience they receive at every touchpoint.  Understanding the link between loyalty and how you serve your customers throughout the entire experience is critical.

To find out more about the important role that first contact resolution plays in your organisation and to read more about future-proofing your contact centre for now and into the next few years, download a full copy of the report today


Can we help you drive your customer experience to new heights?

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