What smarter working means for public sector communications

Government departments have a new focus! In the drive for efficiency, cost saving, productivity and engagement, the central principle of Smarter Working is making waves throughout the government workforce. The smarter working principle is simple – it means that work is about what you do, not where you do it. It’s centred around outcomes. Instead of expecting people to be physically present at work at the same time, government are starting to encourage people to work where and when they are most productive.

But this increase in mobile, flexible and remote working does not come without its challenges. Organisations now need to rethink on how they facilitate smarter ways of working. With the option to work anywhere now a reality for many, new ways of working and interacting across teams are required.“It’s government policy that is set to make Smarter Working business as usual.”

Civil Service, Gov.UK, 2019

Government Hubs 

The opening of Government hubs is a underpinned by smarter working, as government looks to gain efficiencies from consolidating its estate and improving how staff use their space. It’s about making government property work better for its staff and, with approximately fourteen hubs having been established across the UK already, government is making good progress to reducing its use of office buildings.

With these new ways of working, it’s more important now than ever to invest in technology hat supports staff, wherever they are. Technology needs to empower staff to collaborate and work across its silos. The right tools should support teams to communicate across different departments, teams and dispersed hubs.

Equipping and enabling staff

Implementing remote-working practices requires the next generation communications technology. Opus provides IT and communication solutions for government and public sector organisations. Our focus is on technology that equips and enables the individual, rather than the office. We provide a wide range of mobility solutions that seamlessly combine the wired and wireless worlds for the user, supporting government’s smarter working initiatives.

Our communications tools liberate staff to work anywhere and yet remain fully connected and collaborative. As Government staff expectations for when, where, and how they work evolve, Opus can help drive better ways of working, putting working styles first and making sure every team, department and hub have the unified communications tools to make work seamless, flexible and collaborative.

Smart Communication

Smarter working is a great opportunity for government. Its why every organisation should now be making sure that the tech they use is also ‘smart’.

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