Should You Invest in a New Office Phone System?

Should You Invest in a New Office Phone System?

If your existing phone system is around a decade old, you may find that it no longer performs in the way it used to, or the way you would like it to. Whilst it may have been the best fit for your needs at the time of installation, businesses change and your requirements could be quite different now.

You may also realise that your current system has been discontinued. This can make it more of a challenge when it comes to maintenance. If you feel like you are making do, rather than really benefiting from your phone system, it could be time to explore other options and upgrade.

A good telephone system should help you achieve your business goals, with features that make it easier to fulfil daily operations and deliver a high level of customer service. There are a number of different options on the market and it is important to find out more about what each offers, to ensure you can install a system that best serves your current and predicted needs.

VOIP Phone System

A VOIP phone system has been designed to provide a cost effective and efficient means of communication, with many features that support modern business needs. VOIP systems aren’t the cheapest option in terms of initial investment, but in the long term can reduce your on-going costs, making it a viable option.

VOIP uses the internet rather than traditional cables for communication exchange, which offers many advantages to a business owner. Including lower cost for long distance and international calls, less manpower and maintenance for the equipment and lines and greater flexibility on how and where a phone can be used.

This system can also be integrated with other technology with clear benefits. For example, you can add your mobile phone number as an auto redirect number when you don’t pick up your office phone and set up voice mail to email transcript, so that you have all the name, number and message of the caller written down for you.

A control interface allows you the option of personalising your system in a variety of ways. It is possible to change the ring tone, add in call forwarding numbers, numbers that you want to screen, add speed dial for regularly dialled numbers and change the on-hold music. By working through the options and tailoring them to your business, you can develop a system that really works for you.As with all good systems, data analysis can be valuable for informing future decisions. VOIP includes a reporting feature that provides information on phone use, including call length, call charges, time of calls and other call history information. This can help you to monitor use and ensure that you aren’t being billed for employee personal calls.

VOIP Phone Services

The challenge of embracing any new technology is gaining the confidence to use it. We often stick with what we’re used to, even if it’s past its best, simply because we don’t want to hassle of changing to something new. If you are thinking that VOIP features sound good, but it is going to be a headache setting them up and training staff to use them, don’t worry, help is at hand.

A specialist telecommunications company such as Opus Telecoms have a dedicated team of engineers. Our involvement can start with an audit of your current communication systems, understanding the needs of your business and recommending the most ideal technology for your requirements.

If you decide to go with our recommendation, we will install, show you how to use the key features and leave you with an effective business phone system. You will be able to contact us to resolve issues or ask questions. We will contact you to advise on updates that might be beneficial and to review how the system is working for your business.

This level of VOIP phone service ensures that you really do get the most out of the available features and that the phone system remains relevant as your business evolves. Is it time to make more of your business communications?

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