Published Feb 2021

The rise of the digital consumer and what this means for Customer Experience

The rise of the digital consumer isn’t a new phenomenon but the events over the last year seem to have hyper-accelerated it.

According to research by Deloitte, Lasting lockdown habits: a new digital consumer? – “The devastating impact of COVID-19, and the resulting lockdown, has undoubtedly acted as a catalyst: speeding up consumers’ digital adoption and introducing new trends at a rate few could have predicted”.

Mobile and online usage trends initiated or accelerated during the pandemic are likely to mould consumer behaviours for years to come.

In its report, Deloitte goes on to say – “Although it might be difficult to accurately predict future behaviours, the opportunities and challenges organisations face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are becoming clear. A key indicator of how well they might perform post-pandemic is the degree to which they embrace digital tools as a way to run their business, as well as to interact with customers. A company’s digital assets and performance will increasingly drive consumer loyalty”.

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The good, the bad and the ugly experience during the pandemicRise of the digital consumer

We’ve all no doubt heard about or experienced good and bad customer experiences throughout this pandemic.  The news has been littered with stories of people who couldn’t get through about their holiday refund or to sort out an insurance claims due to extremely long wait times and being put on hold.

According to recent research carried out by our partner Mitel, being placed on hold is the second most frustrating aspect of dealing with customer services right now, second to the top spot of being transferred to multiple customer representatives and having to repeat yourself over and over.

Success in the future will be all about Customer Experience in a digital world

Despite some of the bad press, the rise of the digital consumer is here to stay when it comes to contacting customer services.  The Mitel research found that nearly half of respondents have been using online customer services more than usual during COVID-19 and of those who have used them more or the same amount, 73% will continue to rely on them over other options in the long term.

The rise of the digital consumerIn our last blog, The contact centre metrics you should track to help keep your customers happy we looked at why having a strong relationship with your customers has never been more important and what some of the tangible metrics are to help keep your customers happy and loyal.

But, perhaps there’s a deeper layer that needs to be addressed when we consider what the digital customer wants from a good customer experience.

In its report ‘Adapting customer experience in the time of coronavirus’ global management consulting firm McKinsey identified four areas to address.  These are the deeper layer of insight to add to the metrics we spoke about in our last blog.

Read on to find out what four actions you can take to address the rise of the digital consumer and what this means when providing customer experience both now and in the future …
The rise of the mobile consumer

Focus on fundamentals: care and connection

Now more than ever, customers (and employees too) need extra guidance and support to help them navigate through the challenges we’re all facing.   Individuals don’t want to be ‘marketed to’ they want to feel like you understand them for who they are.  The experience you provide right now will likely have a long lasting effect on your customers feel about you in the long run.

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The rise of the mobile consumer

Meet your customers where they are today

Our normal patterns of everyday life have dramatically altered since a year ago.  The adoption of ‘digital’ as shown by the Mitel research has grown even for those who were more resistant.  Forward looking companies must now look at how they deliver this offering to the mobile customer, whether that be gyms offering fitness classes online or local food outlets expanding to offer a takeaway service.  Some of these changes are likely to be here for a very long time, if not forever.

The rise of the mobile consumer

Re-imagine the post COVID world

Even though the COVID-19 crisis will end at some point, McKinsey expect 

changes in consumer preferences to outlast it.  Consider, for example, how the online retail model had to change so quickly over the last year, and as a result what bricks and mortar stores could look in months and years to come. It’s also worth considering how inevitable cost cutting does not have to come at the expense of a good customer experience. Often, the best ways to improve experience and efficiency at the same time are to increase digital self-service and to make smarter operational trade-offs, grounded in what matters most to customers.

The rise of the mobile consumer

Build agile capabilities for fluid times

Maintaining a strong customer experience in a crisis has required rapid research to understand changing dynamics and new pain points as well as agile innovation to address them. Customer leaders who have mastered this approach (like Amazon or Deliveroo) have created value for consumers in high-priority areas and in an environment of increased competition. Keeping a real-time pulse on changing customer preferences, for example, using social media instead of tried and tested (yet often quickly outdated) surveys is one way of keeping up with the pace.  Employee feedback should continue to be collected too, after all they are often your eyes and ears for gauging how customers are feeling.

Business Communications Roadmap for 2021

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