Published Jun 2020

Mitel Platinum Service and Support

Mitel Platinum Solutions Partner

Mitel Platinum Service and Support

If you are an existing Mitel user, there has never been a better time to consider moving your Mitel support to Opus. As a Mitel Platinum Solutions Partner with over 30 years’ experience in the design, delivery and support of business communications, we are perfectly placed to review your current Mitel communications and provide you with recommendations how you can optimise the solution you have or add additional features and functionality to meet the changing demands being placed on your organisation.

Being independent and privately-owned means that despite the global challenges we have all faced, Opus has continued to recruit some of the most experienced solution design and project engineers in our industry and we now have arguably one the strongest and most highly accredited and experienced Mitel engineering teams in the UK.

Our engineering excellence is backed by an Institute of Customer Service accredited customer support team and proactive account management team.

What does this mean to you?

  • If you are facing any challenges with the new enforced flexible working, we can help you configure your Mitel communications to deliver reliable, sustainable home working solutions.
  • If you are unhappy with your Mitel communications in any way and worse still, are thinking or changing to another platform, we can demonstrate what is possible and help you maximise your current investment.
  • If you are unhappy with the current levels of support you are receiving from your incumbent provider, we can offer you a superior and more personalised customer experience.
  • If you are happy with your Mitel communications but would like to establish a roadmap to transform your communications infrastructure, to enable your organisation to meet future requirements, we can guide you on that journey.

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Enhanced monitoring and upgrades

If you are unhappy with the current support levels being provided, we can work with your business to understand your business processes and map the best technical solution and support arrangements within an appropriate commercial framework. Options include:

  • Switching to Opus and choosing our enhanced service level monitoring services
  • Switch to Opus and upgrade your Mitel communications to the latest software levels to ensure ongoing support from Mitel (e.g. Software Assurance)
  • Upgrade and enhance your existing Mitel system to add flexibility, resilience, new Unified Communications features, new hardware, etc
  • Integrating Microsoft Teams end points into your Mitel communications platform

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Migrate to the Cloud

Virtualise / Public / Private / Hybrid Cloud

Opus can provide consultancy to transition your Mitel platform to a private, pubic or hybrid cloud environment, adding flexibility, security and resilience whilst protecting your existing investment. As part of this transformation Opus can enhance the user experience and adoption, together with your customer experience by adding collaboration and contact centre applications.

Opus can provide:

  • Mitel to Microsoft Teams integration
  • Hosting services
  • SIP services
  • WAN (with QoS)
  • LAN services
  • Transition support
  • Monitoring services – for infrastructure and voice applications

Opus specialise in providing the full range of services backed by complete end-to-end professional services teams to ensure a risk-free transition with Prince2 project management, cloud readiness assessment, UC, LAN and WAN engineering resource. 

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Add Unified Communications and Collaboration

Opus can add Unified Communications and Collaboration services to existing Mitel platforms (subject to technical pre-requisites) to enhance the user experience. Users can:

  • Be more contactable – utilising Unified Communications soft clients on laptops and/or mobile devices
  • Collaborate with both team members and/or external 3rd parties using a range of features within the Mitel suite
  • Use Microsoft Teams end points as extensions and DDI direct dial external numbers on your Mitel platform
  • Choose from Mitel desk phones and Microsoft Teams users on PC, Tablet or Mobile OR any combination of the two

Opus will design systems to enhance productivity, reduce costs and enhance user and customer experiences.

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Add Customer Experience/Contact Centre

With more and more companies utilising contact centres as part of their business strategies, Opus can add Mitel’s MiCC (MiContact Centre) solutions to existing customers platform (subject to existing software versions). This powerful platform provides a range of business services to support customer contact and drive satisfaction and business growth. A Mitel contact centre will add:

  • Voice and multi-media services (e.g. Omni-channel support)
  • Automatic call distribution with intelligent call routing and control
  • Complex real-time control of contact service features and agents
  • Web-based agent portals for multi-media control and management
  • Provide a formal framework for customer contact/management
  • Integrate with back-office systems such as CRM’s for improved contact performance
  • Provide both inbound and outbound platforms across a range of media
  • Provide Enterprise grade reporting as to performance and missed opportunities
  • Provide workforce management to allow campaign management and the ‘right’ staffing levels at all times
  • Full IVR for customer self-service and ensuring the ‘right’ contact every time

Opus again can work with your customer engagement teams to build the solutions required to support both the agents and external customers.

Opus can provide these solution on-premises or cloud based with full end-to-end support. 

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Add Omni-Channel, Self-Service and AI to your Contact Centre

With the rapidly increasing drive to online services there is a need to change the options for end customers to be able to contact customers via alternative media. The Mitel MiCC (MiContact Centre) applications allows full Omni channel multimedia contact centre customer contact utilising email and webchat out of the box and defined API’s for third party integrations such as SMS and Social media.

The drive is to increase efficiency within the agent workforce to enable agents to address multiple contact threads at the same time e.g. voice, email and webchat (at the same time). All contacts are managed and reported against as a single stream within the MiCC application avoiding the familiar disconnect as customer hop customer support channels.

Additionally, Mitel’s relationship with Google has led to integration into the Google cloud for AI chat-bots driving improvements in self-service reducing operational costs and improving customer experience and satisfaction. We can now provide, chat bots, agent assist solutions and access data lakes to help large organisations match vast information with customer needs, via bots or in person, on the medium of the customer’s choosing. 

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