Published Sep 2017

Mitel MiVoice Business Version 8 Features and Enhancements

MiVoice Business Version 8 Feature Roundup

Mitel recently released version 8 software for the MiVoice Business controller. We thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight some of the new features and benefits that are available on this level of software.

Compatibility with new Mobile-First IP Phones

Mitel MiVoice 6900The most notable enhancement Version 8 offers is compatibility with Mitel’s latest mobile-first IP phone the MiVoice 6900 Series. The new Mitel IP Phones seamlessly integrate your mobile phone with your desk, synchronising contacts from your mobile phone and allowing live handoff of calls between your desk and mobile phones.

Key Phone Features

  • “Mobile Link” for Bluetooth integration with user’s mobile for making and receiving mobile calls via your desk phone, along with the ability to access your mobile contacts from your desk phone
  • Inbuilt USB port for mobile charging 6930 and 6940 are currently shipping with cordless handset as standard*
  • Further integration with MiCollab – view avatars from the phone screen to make finding a colleague much easier
  • Company branding on screen saver
  • Full Colour screen on all devices 6940 is touch screen
  • Gigabit Ethernet on PC pass-through port on all devices
  • LDAP integration for corporate directory contacts
  • Cheaper than their 53xx series equivalent

Key System Features

  • MiVoice Business Operator Console is supported on windows 10 (customers upgrading their windows environments should consider this.)
  • Headset answer / release – (Jabra & Plantronics)
  • Multiple Music on Hold Sources – for customers representing different businesses requiring different music on hold messages.
  • Single Line IP Set Licence – designed for analogue phones connecting to ATA’s. Price point is much cheaper than a basic user.
  • Support for Microsoft exchange 2016 added to Embedded Unified Messaging
  • Visual Voicemail now supported on 69xx series phones for NuPoint and Embedded EM
  • Support for 5613 and 5614 IP-DECT wireless handsets
  • “Task Programming Guide” – within the help section there is now a task programming guide for access to hundreds of system administration procedures
  • “Scheduled call management” – allows up to 100 weekly business schedules to be created for individuals, groups, day, night or specific times of day.
  • For virtual and server based systems, Mitel Standard Linux now supports 64-bit Linux
  • SysLog Support

Mitel Recommends that for customers with CX(i) I or MXe II and below who wish to install the new 6900 series phones and use encryption (SRTP) that hardware upgrades to the latest controller platforms are required.

End of Support

MiVoice Business version 8.0 and later no longer supports the following: 5230 IP Phone 5235 IP phone MXe Server Stratus Deployments (stratus under VMware is supported) MiTAI client 5550 console

Note – MiVoice business 8.0 will be the last release to support the legacy 52xx series handsets not mentioned above.

* Cordless handsets currently being supplied with MiVoice 6930 until December 2017.

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