Published Sep 2019

Mitel MiContact Centre Business Release 9.2


Mitel MiContact Centre Business Release 9.2

Mitel recently announced the release of the MiContact Centre Business Release 9.2 and several associated portfolio changes happening through the last quarter of 2019. Here is an overview of the new features and capabilities introduced in this release.

For those not already taking advantage of Mitel’s Contact Centre solution, MiContact Centre Business is designed for the mid-market, scaling from small (50 agents on MiVoice Office 400), to medium (200 agents on MiVoice 5000 and MiVoice Connect), to enterprise (1,200 agents on MiVoice Business). It also powers cloud customers on Mitel’s MiCloud Flex (formerly known as MiCloud Enterprise) Contact Centre solution.

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What’s new in MiContact Centre Business Release 9.2?

Contact Centre Messenger

Contact Centre Messenger is Mitel’s next-generation Web Chat and social messaging application for MiContact Centre Business, built as a public cloud solution on Mitel’s CloudLink platform.

The primary features and benefits of MiContact Centre Business’ new Contact Centre Messenger application are as follows:

Simplified configuration and deployment
  • Web-based administration interface for the new chat overlay, tightly integrated into the
  • YourSite Explorer experienceLeverages familiar
  • YourSite Explorer workflow configuration
  • Pre-canned chat overlay templates, with option to add custom code for further customisation
    Customisable pre-chat data collection fields in the chat overlay
Enhanced chat experiences, both to the customers and agents:
  • Completely modernised, refreshed Web chat overlay widget available on mobile, tablet, and
    desktop browsers
  • Data transfer (images, documents, voice recordings, etc.)
  • In-stream images, videos, and mapping capabilities
  • Google Contact Centre AI integration for rich Virtual Agent and Agent Assist experiences
Optional professional services-enabled rich chat experiences
  • Visual “cards” to provide more interactive buttons/menus than just text media
  • Integrate with to provide social media messaging integration (ex. Facebook
  • Messenger, Twitter Direct Messaging, WhatsApp, etc.)

Calabrio WFM Support for MiContact Centre Business SIP Customers

MiContact Centre Business Release 9.2 introduces support for Mitel Workforce Management (WFM) (from Mitel’s OEM vendor Calabrio) for MiContact Centre Business SIP platform customers on the MiVoice Office 400, MiVoice 5000, and MiVoice Connect platforms.

Mitel WFM (Calabrio) is a top Workforce Management solution that encompasses everything needed to plan and successfully manage a contact centre, back office, branch or store. This feature-rich solution includes tools to manage staff, accurately forecast demand; and automatically schedule, report, and improve a company’s operations. Several package options exist to further tailor Mitel WFM to your needs. These include the Mitel WFM Advanced and Premium offerings – including multi-skill, multi-site, multichannel support, agent self-service, gamification, full intraday capabilities and real-time adherence functionalities.

The Mitel WFM (Calabrio) Connector, included with any purchase of Mitel WFM offering, fully supports voice and multimedia agent data (including all supported media types and open media). This enables the Mitel WFM solution to perform forecasting, scheduling, and reporting of MiContact Centre Business multimedia agents.

NOTE: Multimedia support for Mitel WFM requires Calabrio WFM Release 8.8 or greater.

MiVoice Connect Support

MiContact Centre Business Release 9.2 introduces support for MiVoice Connect on the SIP-based solution originally launched for MiVoice Office 400 and MiVoice 5000 platform customers. Similar to the features and scale when deployed with MiVoice 5000, MiContact Centre Business Release 9.2 is designed to support up to 200 agents on the MiVoice Connect system. Over the next year of product releases, Mitel’s intention is to scale this to ~1,000 agents.

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