Published Aug 2020

Mitel License Violation Information



MiVoice Business Security Certificate Update and Licence Violation

Mitel has released its latest security certificate update for all MiVoice Business customers on Releases 5.0 through to 9.0. This update needs to be installed on 21st August 2020.


MiVoice Business Release 5.0 to 8.0 customers will need to upgrade to MiVoice Business R9.0 SP3 or install the relevant Security patch.

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For MiVoice Business Release 9.0 systems Mitel highly recommends upgrading to Release 9.0 SP3 to ensure continuity of service, but where this is not convenient a Security Certificate Update patch has now been released.

If the patch or R9.0 SP3 is not installed, then on or after 21st August 2020 the MiVoice Business system will issue a Mitel License Violation alarm.

If this update is not applied in time for this deadline, License violation notices will appear on a variety of system touch points, including your phones, the MiVoice Business Maintenance Log, Sys Admin Tool / System Administration Tool and the Group Administration Tool. Incoming and outgoing calls will not be affected.

If this update is not applied by 11th September 2020, phone system functionality will be impacted, which may disrupt your business operations. Your system will enter “System Lock” and users will only be able to make emergency calls.

What does it mean if I see License Violation on my Mitel MiVoice Business phone?

MiVoice Business can be placed into license violation mode for a variety of reasons. For example, if you use too many licenses, if a license expires or there is a Security Certificate update, the system will generate a “license violation event.” You are informed of the event through maintenance logs and pop-messages. If you fail to correct the problem, the system will issue increasingly urgent messages to both you and, eventually, regular system users. Ultimately, service may be impacted, with regular users losing the ability to place outgoing calls.

How does the Mitel License Violation Process Work?

Licence Violation is a timed process, with the system escalating the license violation level upwards (for example, from “Warning” to “Minor”) according to a set schedule that begins when the first event is detected. When a license violation event occurs, it is set at a particular level and the escalation process begins. Most events begin at the “Warning” level and, if left unresolved, escalate in severity as follows:

  • Day 1-2 — Warning Level
  • Day 2-7 — Minor Level
  • Day 7-14 — Major level
  • Day 14-36 — Critical level
  • Day 36 — System Lock level (in limited circumstances)

Which Mitel Systems are affected by the recent Security Certificate Update?

Affected MiVoice Business solutions include the following releases (including all associated Service Packs, MiCD, Virtual and MiVoice Business Express releases):

  • Mitel Communications Director R5.0
  • Mitel Communications Director R6.0
  • MiVoice Business R7.0, R7.1 & R7.2
  • MiVoice Business R8.0
  • MiVoice Business R9.0 (prior to R9.0 SP3)

How do I resolve a Mitel License Violation?

To restore the MiVoice Business system to good health, it is necessary to remove the cause of the license violation event. In the event of this Security Certificate Update, you will either need to either upgrade your MiVoice Business software or apply the Security Certificate Update patch, depending on your current software level.

How can Opus help?

The Opus Project Engineering, Technical Support and Customer Service Departments have been proactively working on this project to contact all our affected customer base in good time and to update the systems accordingly.

Whether you are an Opus customer of not, if you need advice or support for a Mitel Licence Violation, simply call 020 8545 8545 and our Customer Services will advise you on the course of action available to you. Otherwise click below to book your free virtual consultation with one of our experts.

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