Published Jul 2017

Mitel MiCollab Version 8 – iOS Compatibility

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Mitel Launches MiCollab Version 8 – Note iOS Compatibility

Mitel MiCollab Version 8Mitel are due to release the new version 8 MiCollab client for iOS.

Some of the new features with MiCollab Version 8 are as follows:

  • Next Generation Windows Client for Windows 7 and 10
  • MiTeam integrated into Next Gen Windows Client
  • Microsoft Office Integration for Skype style presence and click to call from office applications,
  • Outlook plugin enhancements
  • Audio, Web, Video Conferencing enhancements
  • Mobility enhancements on iOS – Accept incoming call from locked screen,
  • Call from native phone, call handling when on softphone call
  • Headset remote call control for Sennheiser headsets
  • Ability to view your list of conferences for the day via your 6900 series phone.
  • Cost savings on licences due to licensing bundle enhancements on UCCv4 Standard users to displace UCCv4 Premium users.

MiCollab Version 8 and Apple iOS 11 Compatibility

Due to feature enhancements for the iOS client, there is a known incompatibility issue with earlier versions of MiCollab server resulting in undesired behaviour of the MiCollab Smartphone App on Apple iOS. This will occur if running MiCollab version 8 AND/OR  iOS 11 on your Apple Smart Device, with Mitel MiCollab server version 7.x and earlier.

Please do not upgrade your MiCollab Application on your Apple Smart Device without first consulting Opus.

The recommended upgrade path is:

  1. Upgrade your MiCollab server to version 8
  2. Upgrade your Apple iOS to version 11 (when it becomes available)
  3. Upgrade you Apple MiCollab app to version 8

MiCollab upgrades will require engineering resource along with live SWAS, please contact your Opus Account Manager for a quotation. Once your MiCollab server has been upgraded to MiCollab Version 8, you will be able to upgrade all your Apple Smart Devices.

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