Published Mar 2021

Highlights from our Mitel Customer Briefing 2021


We were joined by many of our Mitel Customers in a live ‘Mitel Customer Briefing 2021’ webinar that took place on Thursday 25th March.  This briefing gave our customers an overview of Mitel’s Vision, Strategy and Roadmap for 2021  by rounding up some of the highlights and key points from the Mitel global annual partner kick-off event “Mitel Next 2021” which took place earlier in the month.

Read on for the highlights of what we covered at our Mitel Customer Briefing 2021.

Supporting our Mitel CustomersMitel customer briefing

The briefing kicked off with an update and overview of Mitel from Nick Riggott, Sales Director UK&I at Mitel.   Nick outlined the key focus areas for existing customers and how Mitel are supporting them with a roadmap that is ‘technically relevant’ and ‘technically up to date’.   The emphasis was very much on providing Mitel customers with choice and making it easier to deliver the reliability, consistency and quality that Mitel are synonymous with.

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“We aim to take the outcome requirements of our customers and understand what their real needs are then provide a solution that meets those needs”.

Nick Riggott, Mitel Sales Director UK&I

Product Update

Next up was Stefan Bagiensky, Chief Technical Officer at Opus.  Stefan outlined some of the exciting developments and innovations that came out of the Mitel Next 2021 roadmap and gave an insight into Mitel’s CloudLink platform and the Open APIs integrations that are available.   The focus was very much on user experience, customer experience and on choice (a theme that came up in several of the updates).To find out more about product updates and innovations from Mitel, click here to watch the full recording.

“User experience and customer experience, is a very key consideration in everything that Mitel is doing right now”.

Stefan Bagiensky, Opus CTO 

Mitel Teams IntegrationMitel customer briefing

Paul Allen, Sales Director at Opus summed up the view from Mitel on Microsoft Teams, talked about the disruptive market we currently find ourselves in and how Microsoft Teams integrations continue to lead the way where effective communication and collaboration are concerned.

Our Opus Teams integration has been a real market game changer for many organisations over the last year and Paul talked through what this has meant in a year of challenge and opportunity and how these organisations have benefitted from embracing a Mitel Teams deployment as their UC of choice.

Want to find out more?  Click here to watch the full recording.

“The need for collaboration is now far more important than it’s ever been before to give customers the opportunity to interact on the collaboration and media of their choice”.

Paul Allen, Opus Sales Director


Michael O’Donnell, Chief Commercial Officer at Opus outlined a key development that was launched at Mitel Next 2021 with regards to a new subscription service for on-premises, hybrid and public cloud solutions.  Michael emphasised this backs up Mitel’s commitment to offer choice, making it easier for customers to connect and collaborate.

Click here to watch recording

“Mitel and Opus are committed to deliver on our commitment to support our customers choice when choosing a solution and commercial package that is relevant to the deployment option they want”.

Michael O’Donnell, Opus CCO

Why Mitel, Why Opus?

Mitel customer briefing

Matt Duddleston, Sales Director at Opus and Nick Riggott (from Mitel) cemented the strong relationship that Mitel and Opus continue to have when supporting our customers.  Mitel can provide the choice and flexibility that allow Opus to be the trusted deployment partner of choice no matter which path is chosen.

“Having worked with Mitel on their roadmap and having seen some of the next generation applications that will drive and improve customer engagement that were launched at Mitel Next, it is clear that innovation is at the heart of Mitel’s DNA”.  Matt Duddleston

Opus were named Mitel Cloud Partner of the Year at the Global Partner Awards in February, an award that recognises the Opus commitment to helping customers leverage the power and flexibility of Mitel, whilst understanding the customers’ journey.

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“Whatever your path to the Cloud, Opus can be relied upon to be your trusted partner whichever route you choose”.

Nick Riggott, Mitel Sales Director UK&I

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