Published Feb 2021

Five Signs you need to update your business phone system


With the sudden rush to remote working earlier in the year and the dash to ensure that collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams were in place, businesses could be forgiven for forgetting that one of the most important communication tool they have – the telephone. Read on to find out if it’s time to achieve more with a Mitel business phone system in 2021.

The business phone should still be your star playerMitel business phone system

No matter what size of business, customers want to communicate seamlessly with you through their preferred channels. Whether this is via email, social media, text messaging or by telephone, it’s important that your technology roadmap is well thought through with your customer in mind.

Although customers are now looking to communicate across a variety of channels, this certainly doesn’t mean the phone is now obsolete, far from it! The human touch is still one of the most critical parts of the customer experience.

Your business phone system should still be a star player in your communications suite, so perhaps it’s time to consider a refresh?  Read on to find out the five questions you should ask in order to determine if it’s time for change and if now could be a good time to achieve more with a Mitel business phone system investment from Opus.

According the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020 – 66% of people say that the telephone is the most typical way they have resolved issues with a company

Five signs you need to update your Business Phone System

Are you managing your communications or worrying that your phone system can’t cope?

There has been so much change during this year – remote working being one of the most obvious changes of them all.  If you’re spending too much time worrying that your current business phone system isn’t fit for purpose to allow employees to work from anywhere, then it could be time for a review.

As a Mitel Platinum Solutions partner, we are perfectly placed to review your current communications and provide recommendations on refreshing your current Mitel estate or switching to a Mitel business phone solution.

Our expert team will start with a review of your current system and infrastructure and identify any issues.  We follow this up with a discovery session to understand your current and future requirements so we can make recommendations based upon your communications strategy, budget and current and future requirements.

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Does your phone system enhance your bottom line?Mitel business phone system

Like all the other technology investments, your business phone system should be a strategic asset that helps to boost your bottom line. Integrating your phone system into your current technological environment provides access to intelligence that enables your people to be more efficient and productive.

Furthermore, a modern Unified Communications solution takes away all the unnecessary separate licences and puts them all together into one system, resulting in easy financial management and lower overall monthly costs.  By opting for a Mitel managed service solution, the IT maintenance costs quickly disappear too. Your business will know what each month will cost, and the risk of unscheduled downtime will be dropped to a minimum.

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Can you take your system anywhere?

The ability to take calls from anywhere is no longer a novelty, using a Mitel business phone system would support your employees wherever they go. Whether you still work from home, you have returned to the office, you’re working from the road or at a coffee shop, your phone system should allow you to communicate with customers as though you’re at work.

If you can’t use a desk phone, computer or mobile phone to transfer a call to a co-worker because you aren’t in the office, then you definitely need to consider a refresh.

At Opus we’re helping our Mitel customers to do just that, by maximising the value of their Mitel technology investment and achieve the benefits of making seamless communication and collaboration part of the employee experience.

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Are you taking advantage of integrations?

We found that as UK businesses rushed to send their employees home to work remotely amidst the pandemic, the  conferencing software and collaboration tools they invested in at this time haven’t always integrated with the telephone system.  This is now starting to cause headaches as having too many tools creates unnecessary complexity.

With a Mitel and Microsoft Teams integration from Opus this problem can be solved instantly and is all designed to enhance the employee experience and increase productivity.

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Are you being properly supported?

By switching to a Mitel business phone system or refreshing your current Mitel estate, you can be assured of receiving superior service and support as standard from Opus.

All Opus clients have dedicated account managers and customer service leads, that hold regular account and service reviews. Our customer service team carries out frequent comfort calls and feedback is sought following all support ticket closures. We have a public escalation process on our website, with contact details that extend to our business owner.

You will also have peace of mind that the investment stays current on releases, thus future proofing and optimising your communications network.

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Already using a Mitel business phone system?

Achieve more from your Mitel business phone system investment with Opus

If you currently have a Mitel estate, here at Opus we have some of the most experience Mitel communications consultants, solution design architects and projects engineers in the UK.  If you would like to review your current telephony requirements, whether that be Mitel or another provider,  we can provide you with a free health check or risk assessment of your currently estate.

If your business phone system needs updating, simply fill in your details to book a free consultation with one of our expert team.

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