Published Sep 2020

Microsoft Azure Plan Information for Customers


Microsoft changes customer buying process for Azure Plan

Microsoft Azure Plan and what it means to you.

Microsoft recognises that the technology market can be difficult to navigate, with technology itself growing in complexity. Microsoft has therefore made significant changes to the customer buying process for Azure, by creating a new commerce platform and a streamlined buying experience.

This partners such as Opus provide the guidance, assistance, and value-added services, that today’s businesses are seeking.

The new buying experience for customers is called the ‘Azure Plan. All Microsoft Azure customers are automatically being migrated to the new plan.

Azure Plan – An Overview

Microsoft’s new plan incorporates a number of changes that will bring considerable improvement to the customer buying experience, including:

  • A single global product catalogue
  • New simplified, single, digital agreements
  • Transparent monthly pricing

Microsoft’s Single Offer Catalogue

Microsoft has introduced product alignment and developed common pricing across the various methods through which customers can buy Azure;  Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP) such as Opus, Enterprise Agreement or direct from Microsoft. Microsoft also allows you to mix and match buying methods, such as combining Enterprise Agreement with CSP to achieve better flexibility.

As a Microsoft CSP, we are now able to create services, utilising Microsoft and other third-party offerings, to feature in the catalogue. We’ll be adding in our Azure-based services (such as Identity and Access Management, Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Database Modernisation) as well as our support, managed services and consultancy.

New, Simplified, Single, Digital Agreement

Microsoft has introduced one single new Microsoft Customer Agreement. The Microsoft Customer Agreement has replaced the old Microsoft Cloud Agreement.

Transparent Monthly Pricing

The new commerce experience uses a single pricelist that is applicable worldwide. The pricelist is set in US dollars, but billing is priced in the customer’s local currency. Microsoft publishes an exchange rate monthly, with prices applicable for that month, and billing is based on a calendar month.

The new pricing system;

  • Gives customers and us consistent pricing
  • Creates a transparent and simplified pricing structure, with the same price applicable regardless of the purchase method
  • Ensures that customers avoid unpredictable, manually calculated pricing adjustments resulting from Foreign Exchange fluctuation.

More Value-Added Services For Our Customers

The new Azure Plan gives us the opportunity to create additional and improved services for our customers, combining products from Microsoft, other third-party partners, and from our own in house teams. As well as offering support, managed services and consultancy, we’re able to:

  • Provide recommendations for Azure spend optimisation
  • Help you reduce cost, while increasing availability, improving security and performance
  • Provide recommendations on best purchase options (utilising Reserved Instances and/or Azure Hybrid Benefits).
  • Offer flexible one and three year terms, with monthly payment options at no extra cost.
  • Create a graduated pricing model for certain services (such as licensing, storage, backup etc.) with cheaper tiered unit pricing available for higher volumes.

Move from Microsoft direct to Opus and enjoy a 5% discount on your current Microsoft 365 and Office 365 license spend as well as more personalised service and support.

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