Published Nov 2020

The Future of Work is Now [Mitel+Teams]


In this blog we take a look at why leveraging your Mitel investment with a Microsoft Teams integration will enhance communication and collaboration within your organisation for the new workforce.  Read on to find out more 

From there to now

Times were changing even before the current pandemic – it’s just that the pandemic has now accelerated that rate of change for many organisations.  Gone are the days where employees worked 9-5 in the office each day and now since COVID-19, many want to continue working from home in some shape or form, beyond lockdown and the current tiering system that is forcing home working.The new workforce wanted more flexibility in the way they work and now this has become a reality for many, it’s more important than ever for businesses to ensure they now look to deploy more permanent technology to facilitate flexible working.  This technology must replicate (in some way) all the great communication and collaboration that employees had in the office, when they could easily meet for a coffee in the kitchen, book a meeting room to brainstorm with colleagues or discuss business matters over desks.  The technology organisations put in place now, will shape the success of the new workforce. 


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Lockdowns have proved we can make remote working work in the short-term, but we now need the right technology in place as a longer-term strategy.

Mitel with Microsoft Teams from Opus is your complete communications solution for the now

Our Mitel and Microsoft Teams integration is the perfect choice when it comes to achieving seamless communication and collaboration to meet the demands of any time, any place and on any device functionality that your new workforce requires.  The combination is perfect, with Mitel providing enterprise-grade telephony that complements Microsoft Teams collaboration.

By combining the two, organisations get the benefit of a true communications solution with the productivity tools that come with Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

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Integration to transform your workplace

Having too many tools creates complexity which can be a headache for both employees and managers. With Mitel and Microsoft Teams it’s all integrated into one solution all designed to enhance the employee experience and increase productivity.

Communicate and collaborate more effectively

For a true collaboration experience, today’s workforce needs an all-in-one solution that lets them communicate and collaborate as if they were in the same room. A Mitel and Microsoft Teams integration greatly reduces disjointed technology in favour of seamless communication.

Work from anywhere on any device

The functionality of making and receiving calls from any device anywhere that is delivered by a Mitel and Microsoft Teams integration will appeal to the modern workforce who will increasingly be looking for a better home-work life balance that isn’t necessarily in the old 9-5 traditional working format.

Leverage your Mitel Investment

At Opus, we’re dedicated to helping our customers maximise the value of their Mitel technology investment and to achieve the benefits making seamless communication and collaboration part of the employee experience for the now.  As a Mitel Platinum Solutions Partner and a Gold Microsoft Partner, we are uniquely positioned to work with both new and existing customer to help them achieve this.

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Don’t have Mitel, but want carrier grade communications for Microsoft Teams?

We have a number of other partner integrations from Gamma, Cirrus and 8×8 that our expert team would be happy to discuss with you.  To book your free virtual discovery call to find out more click here.

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