Published Mar 2020

How to exercise well during Coronavirus lock down



The Government Stance

Following the introduction of strict lock-down rules on Monday 23rd March, many of us here at Opus have been wondering what we can do to keep fit during Coronavirus.   Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out a list of restrictions on the movement of British people in a bid to tackle this pandemic which included certain restrictions on keeping fit with only one form of exercise being permitted on a daily basis either alone or with members of your immediate family.

Although this restriction is entirely necessary in the fight to beat this virus, having the basic right to exercise limited in this way may feel like a daunting prospect.  That’s why we’ve written this blog on how to exercise well during Coronavirus, in the hope that during our ‘temporary new normal’ you’ll still be able to find ways to exercise well and even potentially find a new hobby in the process!

The Simple things in Life

Sometimes when you have things taken away, its only then that you realise that the simplest things in life can give you the most joy.  At the date of publishing this blog, the Government have said that you can still go out for a walk, run or bike ride alone or with members of your immediate family providing that you observe the social distancing rules.  Walking, running or cycling will not only keep you fit but are a great way to get fresh air as spring approaches.  These outdoor activities can also do wonders for mental health and hearing the birds sing, witnessing the flowers bloom and the trees in bud are simple but wonderful pleasures for us to appreciate every day.

Need your gym fix?

Gyms have closed, all sports activities have been postponed or cancelled for now, so what for the thousands of us who took these activities for granted only a handful of weeks ago?  Cue online exercise for free – one of the biggest and quickest growing phenomena’s we’ve seen emerge in just a handful of  weeks.  At Opus we’ve complied a list of our favourite free online fitness classes that will help you keep fit whilst staying safe at home.

PE with Joe Wicks for all the family




Every weekday at 9am, Joe Wicks (aka ‘The Body Coach’) live-streams a 30-minute PE class on his YouTube channel for free (his normal fitness plans are £97 for 90 days). If you can’t tune in due to work commitments you can even watch them back at a time that suits your diary.



Sign up for free to Davina’s McCall’s ‘Own Your Goals’ fitness programme


Popular fitness enthusiast Davina McCall is giving people the opportunity to sign up for free to her 30 days ‘Own Your Goals’ fitness programme.  This programme usually costs £9.99 a month and includes a number of different classes such as HIIT (high intensity interval training), boxing and dance. You don’t even need to enter any payment details to get this free trial.



Free workouts for six weeks with Chris Hemsworth’s fitness programme


Actor Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor from the Marvel films) has announced his health and fitness programme Centr will be free for six weeks (normally £23/month). It includes workouts with ‘world-class trainers’, meal plans and mindfulness exercises.



Les Mills at home gym classes


For some of the more hardcore gym bunnies out there who are used to attending popular classes such as body pump, body combat, body balance and grit there is still a way to continue with your classes!  Les Mills has set up a temporary site that allows free access to 100+ workouts during the COVID-19 disruptions.


Full body-toning Pilates work outs


Pilates is a popular way to keep fit and has been shown to do wonders for our mental health.   There are a number of Pilates classes that are 100% free right now.  Click here for details of some of them.



Battle Ready 360 from the stars of SAS Who Dares Wins


Brought to you by ex SAS military elite Jason Fox and Ollie Ollerton, this programme includes daily morning workouts together with nutritional advice and tips on understanding mindset to help you meet your fitness goals.



The ‘Green Goddess’ returns!


For those of a certain age! The Green Goddess, aka Diana Moran, is returning to breakfast television to help the elderly keep fit during the coronavirus crisis. Diana, aged 80, will lead exercise classes on BBC Breakfast from her home. They will be broadcast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, then shared on social media.



Household items you can use to work out

For those who prefer to exercise independently at home but are worried about having the right equipment, here are a few ideas of household items you can use to help you:

Stairs: To get some cardio in while still staying indoors, run up and down the stairs in your home or apartment building (if social distancing allows).

The wall: Try a wall-sit challenge, see if you can hold it for a minute, then work up from this for a further 30 seconds every few days.

Chairs: For toned arms, why not try tricep dips, aiming for 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Laundry detergent bottles or plastic milk cartons:  Empty laundry detergent bottles or milk cartons filled with water make an excellent kettle bell alternative.

Tins of beans or soup: Also great to use as free weights.  Try doing 3 sets of 12 to 15 bicep curls holding a tin in each hand.

Large bathroom towels:  If you want to do floor exercises like sit ups, then why not use a bathroom towel as your make shift gym mat.

Small hand towels: Small hand towels make excellent sliders on both hard floors and carpets for moves such as mountain climbers.

A backpack: Add some extra poundage to your bodyweight moves, by filling a backpack with cans and bottles. Wear it for squats, lunges, push-ups, or when you’re running up and down the stairs.

A Football: If you have a football to hand this is an excellent way to make press-ups more challenging.

A Skipping Rope: Bring back those playground memories when skipping was such fun and give yourself a great cardio workout at the same time.


** Please note that all home exercise and use of household equipment is at your own risk.  Please ensure you and your family take care to exercise safely at all times.

Opus working from home solutions

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