Published May 2019

How Can AI Help the Customer Experience

The Evolving Digital World

A huge shift is happening in government. Citizens are being recognised as modern-day consumers and retail customers. This means they want to interact and engage with government through any channel they choose, from social media platforms, to web chat, instant messaging, or email. In other words, they want an omnichannel experience. After all, if retailers are offering an omnichannel way of communicating, surely government is open to these opportunities too?  In this way, government are understanding that to improve public service delivery, it must think like a retailer. Because of this, government need to respond to the way citizen’s want to access their services, whilst making efficiencies and becoming more digital in our evolving world.

Tuning into the benefits of AI

AI and customer experienceThanks to emerging technologies, the customer experience can dramatically improve, and government can experience quick wins when the right digital tools are adopted.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game changer in delivering a better customer experience. A powerful omnichannel trend, AI innovation is rapidly gaining traction across many sectors. Developing as a key trend, AI is powering the drive for better public service delivery. It’s providing insights into the needs and preferences of customers, creating consistent, seamless customer communications that are personalised and feel natural.

Dispelling the myths

Before government can fully reap the rewards of AI, it’s important it begins to dispel the myths. We need to take all suspicion out of the equation because, AI isn’t about jobs being taken from humans and it isn’t about robots taking over the world. AI can create value, support the workforce and meet citizen needs. But first, transparency and dismantling the fiction is key.

The impact of AI on the public sector

“Artificial Intelligence is at the centre of our plans…” Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport – Matt Hancock

AI is already making a huge impact in the public sector so let’s take a look at 3 cases where AI is proving that it isn’t a risk, but a reward for government organisations.


AI is being used to accurately detect diseases like cancer. The use of AI is supporting the management of mammograms and it’s proving a much faster process with 99% accuracy.


Artificial intelligence is supporting forward thinking councils through the use of chatbots to handle basic queries more efficiently. North London Borough of Enfield Council has introduced Amelia, robot technology capable of making decisions to support frontline council services, such as taking resident queries or authenticating licenses, reducing the burden of administrative tasks.


AI technologies are capable of improving the detection of crime and South Wales Police has reported it has made a total of 450 arrests as a result of AI based facial-recognition system.Artificial intelligence provides limitless opportunities to develop new, efficient services which transform the way we live and work. It’s clear, government have a lot to gain from AI technology. Now is the time for AI to play a leading role in its future, ways that achieve government’s ambitions for transformative public services and drives digitally enabled change. We’ll be discussing this topic in more detail so keep posted for more news.

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