Published Jan 2021

Three reasons why you should get current with your Mitel Unified Communications suite


As we enter another year of challenge (and opportunity) it’s even more important to begin by taking stock of your communications infrastructure to ensure you are technically agile enough to keep ahead in 2021 and beyond.  Read on to find out three reasons why you should get (and stay) current with your Mitel Unified Communications suite.

Even before COVID-19, the days of running a business with outdated communication tools could have been seen as a disadvantage. This was even more the case when we entered the pandemic!     Last March, as we entered lockdown 1.0, we saw first-hand how businesses that were agile with their communications and technology had the upper hand over those that had not kept pace and were caught scrambling.

Supporting Mitel Customers is in our DNA

2020 was a challenging year for businesses who had to quickly put systems and technology in place to enable staff to work from home.   When we reflect back, we feel a tremendous sense of achievement having helped many of our Mitel customers like Anna Freud quickly set up working from home as ‘business as usual’ right from the early days of the pandemic.

We’ve been supporting Mitel customers for over 28 years and believe firmly that our success lies in the fact that it’s simply in our DNA to do what we do.  We take the time to understand each customers’ unique business situation and communication challenges before advising on the best solution for them. Whether they choose to migrate either wholly or partly onto the cloud, we can take care of the entire process, from design through to deployment and ongoing support and account management.  In short, if our customer succeeds, then so do we.

Three Reasons to Get Current and Stay Current

You can’t get ahead if you’re technically behindMitel Unified Communications Suite

A unified communications suite that provides a variety of communication and collaboration facilities is a must for today’s modern workforce, but unlike the basic handsets of yesteryear, the technologies behind today’s systems continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Every minor software update or major upgrade refines existing capabilities or adds new features designed to streamline work processes and improve efficiency.

For businesses that have not kept up with the pace of change or have delayed updates and upgrades in favour of continuing to operate with outdated legacy systems, this is now putting them at a disadvantage compared to competitors who are leveraging every new iteration of their communications systems to ensure that vital link between employees, partners and customers is optimised at every touch point.When Conservatory Outlet decided to update their old legacy telephone system, our team worked with them to deploy a single scalable and resilient telephone system giving all staff access to a Mitel unified communications suite that allows managers and staff to work remotely or from any office, by logging into their office phone from any location.

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Mitel Unified Communications SuiteOutdated systems are vulnerable

Beyond efficiency and productivity, staying current with updates and upgrades to your existing communication system is the key to protecting your business from security threats.

The tight integration of voice, data, and image capabilities in IP-based communications systems that enable a distributed workforce make those systems an ideal target for cybercriminals looking for a backdoor into your business data. Most IT professionals agree that outdated software on these systems is an open invitation. So, the longer the software has been neglected, the more likely it is that someone can find a way to exploit its vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, for businesses that take payments like IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) for example, having the right up to date systems that can integrate with a PCI payment compliance solution is vital not only for improved customer experience but also for ensuring security of customer data too.

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Consider a move to the Cloud at a time that’s rightMitel Unified Communications Suite

Of course, as technology evolves, your communications strategy should too. While the objective for all organisations should be an eventual migration to the cloud, that move should be made when it makes the most business sense. By staying current with your existing Mitel system, you can be more strategic with your move and make it at your own pace.

When you start thinking about your move to cloud-based communications services, we advise many of our customers to consider whether they have first maximized the potential of all current on-premises systems. Upgrading optimises your current investment and extends the life of your on-premises system while you structure your move to the cloud to fit your business and market strategies.You can read more here about how we supported global fashion retailer All Saints with a move to the cloud to enable them to achieve true consistency and unified collaboration across all its locations worldwide.

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Partner with Opus to keep your Mitel Unified Communications Suite Current

Ultimately, the risks associated with no change are often too great to ignore, while the benefits are well worth the effort. But many businesses today are operating with communication systems that are at least one full software version behind current. As a result, their systems may lack the built-in functionality that, if made current, could enhance efficiency and increase productivity. These systems are also missing critical security updates that could reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

As organisations look to define their communications tools and what is required from their Mitel estate to stay competitive during and after the pandemic, Opus can advise on the best and most appropriate course of action which sometimes could be as simple staying competitive by simply updating what they already have.

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