Published Dec 2020

The Experience Equation: Happy Agents equals Happy Customers


Working in a supportive environment tops the list when it comes to employee satisfaction. One of the best ways to drive the employee experience is to invest in your agents.  Read on to find how to assess your own experience equation (happy agents equals happy customers), and the technical solutions to consider to help drive this.

A year of challenge – a year of opportunityEmployee Experience

2020 will be remembered for many reasons, not least for being when working life changed.  Adaptable and agile business are now planning for remote working to become a more permanent fixture in some shape or form and looking at the benefits this will bring to the employee and customer experience.

According the Forrester, the spirit of overcoming adversity will continue in 2021 and those companies who succeed will cultivate resiliency, creativity, customer-obsession and adaptability within its workforce.   Whether businesses go back to in-office work, remain remote or take on a hybrid of the two – the employee experience is going to be a vital area to nurture in 2021.

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Forrester predicts that many of the workplace changes we’ve seen during 2020 will become a permanent part of the employee experience in 2021. 


Employee ExperienceSurviving change and avoiding burn-out

According to Zendesk (Customer Experience Trends Report 2020), working in a supportive environment tops the list of employee satisfaction ratings.  Yet, many contact centre agents are now facing more strain than ever, with call volumes increasing by up to 150% in some industries over recent times.

You only have to think of your own experience of receiving good or bad service to know that a motivated, positive and enthusiastic agent can make or break how you feel and more importantly if the issue was resolved satisfactorily. Contact centre managers play a central role in helping agents to do their job well and feel motivated within a team, especially when remote working can bring about isolation resulting in poor mental health.  Within the call centre, one of the ways to help this is by harnessing all available technology to help managers provide better training and support and to ease call volume burden and potential agent burnout.

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Improve Employee Experience to maximise Customer Satisfaction

One of the best ways to drive the employee and customer experience is to invest in your agents, we call this the experience equation of employee experience equals customer experience.  In other words, happy agents equals happy customers.  When considering your own experience equation this could an ideal time to review the technology you have in place.

There are a number of technology solutions from marketing leading companies we partner with that can be tailored and deployed with the contact centre specific requirements in mind.

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When looking at your own experience equation, we recommend considering the following aspects when determining the technology needed.

How much time do you get to train, support and motivate your agents when they really need it?

Managers often need to balance the time it takes to run performance reports and carry out tasks like forecasting with the requirement to support agents.  Having the right analytics tools in place that reduce time spent creating reports can significantly help to free up time that can then be used to train, develop, motive and mentor agents when they really need it.

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Use tools and channels that improve both the agent and the customer experience

One of the biggest frustrations we’re often told about is that when different functions operate in silos this creates bottlenecks, hold-ups and frustration for agents.   As the customer now expects a seamless experiences across the channels of choice, the agent can often be held accountable if this isn’t delivered! Agents want to feel empowered to do a good job and by creating a truly omni-channel experience with the right tools and channels in place that gives agents all the information they need in a single screen, this will massively help improve productivity and deliver a better experience for both the agent and customer

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Collaboration to keeping back and front office staff engaged and motivated

With many agents working from home it’s easy to feel isolated and out of the loop.  Good collaboration tools should be a lifeline for any contact centre who wants to look after employee wellbeing.  Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams can help increase both front and back office staff performance and morale especially when working in different physical locations.

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Remove agent repetition with the power of AI and self-serve

Up to 80% of queries into the contact centre can usually be covered by the top 10 to 20 frequently asked questions.  Agents don’t want to repetitively keep answering mundane  and routine questions, they want to be freed up to deal with more complex enquiries, or give support to more vulnerable customers or VIPs for example.  Having AI and self-serve technology in place can significantly help the agent experience by taking away the everyday tasks so they can focus on more challenging customer calls that require the human touch.

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