Published Oct 2020

UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide 2020-21


The “UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers Guide” for 2020-21 – a major annual report which looks at how organisations can drive Customer Experience strategy, performance, operations and technology is now available to download.

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How important is customer experience in your contact centre?

As competition increases especially in today’s economic uncertainty, your customers are demanding more from the experience they receive at every touch point.  So how can you ensure customer loyalty to help drive the success of your contact centre?

Understanding the link between loyalty and how you serve your customers throughout the entire customer experience is critical.

Why should I read the ‘Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide’ report?

This report is a MUST read for all organisations who are looking to future proof their contact centre for now and into next year.   Download this report to find out more about the research findings including how customer experience, omnichannel, AI, speech analytics and self-serve are all helping drive todays successful contact centre experience.

Key Insights from this Report

Find out what 206 senior CX and customer contact professionals who were interviewed between May and July 2020 and a further 1,000 UK consumers who were interviewed in July 2020 had to say about how customer experience is shaping agile organisations of today:

This report gives insights into:

  • How the pandemic has affected customer experience & performance
  • Which channels customers prefer and do they differ by sector
  • What the aims of a customer experience programme should be
  • Current and future trends for the use of customer contact technology and its effect on CX
  • What customer experience means to the actual customer
  • Why Omni-channel and AI are central factors of the customers experience

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About this report

This ‘Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide’ report was compiled by Contact Babel, a leading contact centre industry expert and sponsored by Opus.

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