Omni-Channel Contact Centre Rapid Deployment Solutions from Opus

Opus supports Contact Centres with their business continuity plans during COVID 19 and beyond with Contact Centre rapid deployment solutions

As an independent technology services provider, with first class experience of delivering Best of Breed unified communications and contact centre technology, we understand only too well that in these unprecedented times, enabling staff to work remotely from home with a Contact Centre solution that provides the same look and feel and functionality as if they were in the office is vital.

This will mean business continuity remains in place, so that companies can continue business, and staff can continue to provide a great service because they have the right tools for the job.  Providing exceptional Customer Experience during this time of disruption and uncertainly has never been more important.

Picture the scene of a customer needing to contact you about the holiday they have booked for two weeks-time or about the fact they are struggling to pay a bill, or about how they can access services for a vulnerable relative – then imagine that they can’t get through to an agent on the channel of their choice and are left at best with a message that someone will be in touch and at worst with no response at all!

Are you looking to deliver an Omni-Channel customer experience across Voice, Email, Messaging and Social?

At Opus we have been working hard to provide the omni-channel solutions that Contact Centres need in order to allow staff to continue to provide exceptional customer support no matter where they are currently working.

Our partners have launched an out of the box solution available through Opus to ensure your organisation can scale up fast to deal with emergencies like COVID-19 and other business continuity situations.

Contact Centre Rapid Deployment Solutions from Opus

Our Cloud based contact centre rapid deployment solutions are for businesses looking to switch rapidly to remote working and enable employees to carry out their usual agent activities, and deliver a consistent user experience, from any remote location.

Flexible Short-Term Contracts Available

3 Month Contracts: to provide flexibility
Reduced Costs: to remove commercial barriers
Rapid Deployment: in as little as 72 hours
3-month contracts are available with reduced professional services to support business continuity. Charged on a Pay as You Go basis, new homeworking service provides an out-of-the-box solution for organisations looking to scale up fast to deal with emergencies such as COVID-19, and other business continuity situations.
Contact Centre Rapid Deployment overlay solutions include:


Voice     Email    Messaging     Social     Speech Analytics


These solutions can be purchased as a consolidated queue or as standalone solutions. I.e. SMS only.



Phone is still the most popular communication choice amongst all age demographics  (Take a look at our blog to find out more)

What happens if the phone rings but no one answers?

For those organisations with contact centre voice at the heart of its business, don’t allow yourself to be in a situation where the phone is ringing but all or some calls go unanswered, thereby causing significant disruption to your customers experience, and possible long-term financial health problems for your company.

Home Working Voice Solution

We offer our customers a comprehensive capability to support remote agents, make and receive calls from any location whether that be a different office or the agent’s home. All they need is an internet connection and a phone.

This remote agent solution will work alongside your existing contact centre solution and supports your staff who need to work from home.


After the telephone, email is the most frequently used channel of communication. It is convenient as you can send an email from any device, any location, at any time of the day; you don’t have to wait for someone to be available to receive your email – you just write and send.

How Are You Responding to Customers Turning to Email?

With the current challenges being faced across the globe with Coronavirus, many of your customers may now be choosing to email instead of call, this could be due to longer wait time to reach your agents by phone, or the fact that more customers are turning to this channel of communication during lockdown.

A lot of contact centres have traditionally managed customer emails through a shared inbox. With relatively low volumes and the fact that responding agents all sit together meant this was a workable solution. However, with an increase in demand and agents being forced to work from home, you may be struggling to cope with this approach.


It is times like these that organisations can get creative in the way they communicate with their customers and sometimes a little text that says hello can not only go a long way, but help secure loyalty for when things start to get back to normal again.

Connect to your customers through SMS Messaging

To assist organisations that are struggling to connect to their customers during these difficult times, we are providing our SMS solution as a stand-alone cloud service to contact centres.

The solution will fit on top of your existing contact centre solution with no integration required or disruption to your existing services


When face to face communication is not possible, where do customers turn? In many cases this seems to be social media. With more customers visiting your social profiles and reviewing your updates this is a great opportunity to keep connected with them during these times.

Get social while we social distance

Social media is a key channel in customer engagement and is an integral part of a cloud contact centre solution. To help those organisations that have been significantly disrupted by Covid-19 we are providing a Social solution as a standalone cloud service.

Find out more about how you can integrate rapid deployment, Omni-Channel Contact Centre Solutions into your communications estate.

At Opus we are uniquely positioned to integrate, deliver and support best of breed technologies. With 28 years of experience, we are well placed to bring a wealth of systems integration and project delivery experience to the market, all backed by caring personalised service and dedicated support.

Download your copy of our free guide and learn five ways to begin adapting your communications estate today.

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For more information about this or any of our news items please call us on 0800 316 7566.

For more information about this or any of our news items please call us on 0800 316 7566.
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