Published Nov 2020

Elevate your Contact Centre with the powerful combination of Cirrus and Microsoft Teams


Leverage the power of Cirrus to deliver a Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams

Cirrus and Microsoft Teams

The Powerful Combination of Cirrus and Microsoft Teams is here

If you’re looking for a Microsoft Teams Contact Centre Solution we have the answer for you here at Opus. Our Cirrus Contact Centre-as-a-Service solution enables you to combine the world-leading collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams with a market-leading contact centre to help you better connect with your customers and with the rest of your organisation too.

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Make your interactions smarter

Leveraging the full capability of Microsoft Teams should not mean you have to compromise in terms of your contact centre solution.

Our Cirrus Voice for Microsoft Teams service enables you to be smarter in the way you handle customer interactions with market-leading capabilities to intelligently route calls, analyse customer journeys and gain the in-depth insights into both your contact centre operation and the customer experience.

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Powerful features out of the box

The Cirrus and Microsoft Teams overlay is available as an embedded app within Microsoft Teams, enabling organisations to harness the power of the two applications to not only connect your customers, but to connect your contact centre with the whole of your organisation.

With a reputation as the most resilient platform and a 99.999% service level guarantee, our Cirrus services provide you with a highly resilient, flexible and scalable solution that allows you to meet the expectations of your customers today, while anticipating their needs of tomorrow.

This power combination unifies a distributed workforce, improves agent productivity and increases first call resolution.

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Key capabilities include:
  • Authenticated Sign-on – through the secure access of MS Teams.
  • Single Enterprise Presence – fully synchronised presence across Cirrus and Teams.
  • Utilise Teams Address Book – to find the right expert across your organisation.
  • In-Call Collaboration – message, chat or speak to others to assist with resolving customer queries.
  • Share & Collaborate With Customers – leveraging the full capabilities of MS Teams.
  • Single Interface – with Teams unifying access to Cirrus, CRM and transactional systems.
  • Visibility & Reporting – available to managers and supervisors within MS Teams.

Partner with Opus to deliver your Cirrus and Microsoft Teams contact centre solution

At Opus, we are uniquely positioned to integrate and support best of breed technologies, and as a Gold Microsoft Partner and Cirrus Platinum Partner, we can advise you on how to tailor your communications and collaboration to ensure you have the best solution for your contact centre.

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