Published Mar 2021

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Operate from anywhere is our latest ebook created in collaboration with our partner 8×8.  Jointly we examine what the next evolution of remote working looks like.  This essential guide will provide you with valuable insights to accelerate your organisation’s shift to Operate From Anywhere.

Download your copy today to discover how your organisation, like many others can ensure the technology you use is optimised to work in the very best and most effective way for the next evolution of remote work.

Remote working is here to stayWork from Anywhere

Remote work is an essential piece of the business puzzle to empower employees, better serve customers, and increase revenue.   According to a survey from Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), the percentage of workers permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021.

In 2020, we learned that remote work is no longer a nice-to-have perk—it is an operational pillar that enables employees to serve customers, generate revenue, reduce costs, and innovate at any time from anywhere using any device.

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Introducing Operate from Anywhere

Organisations are evolving from the temporary, individual (or departmental) nature of work from home that was set in place during 2020 towards a more holistic approach. “Operate from anywhere” recognises that most business is a team sport with little room for “silo-doing” and “silo-thinking”. It recognises that long-term business survival requires a strategic approach to communications, one that optimises productivity, ensures customer retention, maximises revenue generation, and provides visibility throughout the organisation.

This is not a quick-fix, IT-only problem. It is a critical component of good corporate governance that must be top of mind for corporate boards and the entire C-Suite.  A great starting point for this is with 8×8 from Opus.

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Your customers still expect a great experience no matter where staff are operating

And this is precisely why we compiled this ebook!

No one could have prepared for 2020. But for companies behind on digital transformation, some IT leaders now find themselves walking a precarious tightrope. Once employees were sent home last March, gaps in business communications, customer support and popular meeting platforms grew into large chasms literally overnight.  IT leaders found themselves struggling to successfully and securely connect employees and customers. Hybrid models and siloed solutions were pushed to the limits. IT was walking a tightrope, and for many, there was simply no safety net.

Yet, your customers still expect a fast, frictionless, personalised service. In the midst of a global crisis, the stakes are even higher, and businesses recognise this.

According to a June 2020 survey conducted by Aberdeen Research, 66% of contact centres today still rank improving customer experience results and consistency as their top goal.

Time to bring it together and win with an operate from anywhere strategyOperate from Anywhere

Together with 8×8, we’ve put it all together: the solution your organisation needs to communicate and collaborate more effectively, delivered through an essential app that allows you to take back the reins in your digital transformation. From technology retailers, to government agencies, to higher education institutions, forward-thinking brands are empowering their organisation with voice, video, chat, contact centre and enterprise APIs to enable tremendous growth. The benefits of an integrated communications solution are clear. Our 8×8 solutions provides the essential all-in-one application. Let’s get started together.

Take the first step toward the change by downloading your free ebook today.

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