Winter's coming. Are your prepared for hybrid working?

With the government announcing their plans for controlling the pandemic through the winter today, with the news face masks and more home working cannot be ruled out, many organisations will be bracing themselves for further disruption this winter and asking; "Are we sufficiently prepared for hybrid and home working this winter?"

If you are considering any improvements to your home working capabilities this, download our guide; "Five Ways to Adapt Your Communications for Hybrid Working" Start reading this guide.


One thing that’s for certain is that organisations need to look at how they now future proof their operations to adapt to an increasingly changing world where flexible working is likely to remain. They will need to look closely at the technology their teams are using and what is required to maximise the opportunity for communication and collaboration in the hybrid world of work.

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In our latest guide ‘Five ways to adapt your communications for hybrid working’ we examine the top hybrid working challenges businesses are facing and five ways that businesses looking to adapt should review their communications strategies around flexible hybrid working.

In our guide we look at:

  • How to manage seamless home and office telephony
  • How to strengthen data protection and security
  • How to enable hybrid collaboration
  • How to migrate to the cloud
  • and more...

Download your copy of this guide by clicking on the image below, today.

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