Hybrid Working Cyber Security [Download]

How to keep your business safe from anywhere, on any device

After months of working from home during Covid-19 restrictions many businesses havehybrid-working-cyber-security implemented a hybrid work model whereby employees work both in the office and remotely. The move to hybrid working has largely been well received by businesses and employees alike, however, one of the flipsides is that it has also opened up more risks when it comes to cyber security threats. The move to remote and hybrid work has been a factor in this massive increase in ransomware.

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How can businesses stay secure whilst hybrid-working?

If your plans for 2022 include hybrid working now is a good time to read our latest guide on Hybrid Working Cyber Security - how to keep your business safe from anywhere, on any device.

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This Guide is a must read for IT leaders who are looking to protect their business whilst hybrid working, or are interested in technology that can support the move to hybrid working, download our Guide for advice on how to plan your cyber security for 2022.

In this guide we talk about:

  • The benefits of hybrid-working
  • How remote working has affected security
  • The security challenges of hyrid-working
  • Ransomware attacks, insider threast, phishing, email attacks 
  • How can businesses stay secure during hybrid-working

And more ….

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