Published Jun 2021

Webinar Highlights - ‘Blueprint for Hybrid Working Contact Centres’


Our recent contact centre webinar ‘Blueprint for hybrid working contact centres’ was very timely now that businesses like Deloitte have signalled that employees will be able to work from anywhere even after COVID restrictions are eased. It seems that hybrid working is set to stay for the foreseeable. In our webinar we discussed five key considerations for effective hybrid working contact centres.  

Read on for the highlights of what we covered or watch the recording in full by click on the link below.

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What do we know? The current situation ….

Host Andrew Tucker, Customer Success Manager at Cirrus Response first painted the picture in terms of the current situation where call volumes remain high and first contact resolution is still a critical measurement for agents' performance. Central to everything right now is the well being of agents and how technology can help to relieve potential stress and pressure.

Independent research carried out by Cirrus has further highlighted how agents feel right now and centrally what they want in order to do their job well. A key finding, is that agents want to have a better understanding of the history of interactions with customers and also want to feel empowered and motivated by answering the more complex and critical questions rather then the mundane how, what, why, when questions that can often be covered in FAQs.

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Key to making hybrid working a success is having a happy and supported agent who is able to deliver the best experience with the right technology tools in a hybrid world. For more information about the Cirrus research findings, download your copy of the full recording.

Five key considerations for effective hybrid working contact centres

1) Delivering a consistent experience 

Download your recording to find out more about why connecting front and back office staff with a single view is vital in today’s hybrid contact centre.

2) Supporting your agents 

Empowering your agents is crucial and providing them with tools to be able to manage their shifts, holidays, overtime and so on can be game-changing for many contact centres.

Find out more by downloading this webinar recording to find out why automation with workforce management tools should be a consideration for your business. 

3) Supporting your agents wellbeing 

Using speech analytics to track emotional well being and how you can support your agents before issues turn into real problems is probably one of the most important considerations for any hybrid working contact centres. Take a look at our webinar recording to find out more about this powerful tool.

4) Providing great customer experience 

The Cirrus research points towards first contact resolution as being a critical factor in terms of agents motivation. Having everything in one place in a ‘single pane of glass’ can really make the different when it comes to providing great customer experience.

Find out more about this by watching our webinar recording.

5) Automation wherever your agents are

Taking the strain away from agents by automating the who, what, where, why questions can also make all the difference in todays hybrid contact centre. Agents want to deal with emotive, critical and high value interactions, handing commonly asked questions over to an AI chat bot. Could you benefit from AI in your hybrid contact centre? Watch our webinar recording to find out more.

How can Opus help with your hybrid contact centre?

The five key points covered in our webinar will help you to build a solid foundation for a truly hybrid contact centre. Whether you want to phase in technology over time or want a complete overhaul of your contact centre, we are here to help you build out your strategy and really deliver results.

To book a free, no obligation discovery call with our experts the link below.

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