Published Jun 2022

The Challenges of Public Sector Communications


Public sector professionals have shared insights on how communication systems need to evolve so that everyone in the organisation can effectively participate in delivering experiences.


In a recent discussion with some of our NHS and government customers, "digital evolution" had been used to characterise their communication investments and plans for the following year.

Although a subtle semantic difference, it’s an important change from the phrase “digital transformation” that is so often used. They’ve put the fundamentals in place and are now working to refine and optimise how communication technology can be used to support their goals of delivering excellent customer experiences while also being great places to work, remotely or onsite. Essentially, the transformation has happened and now it’s time to evolve.

To better understand perspective and possibilities, our partner 8x8 researched how well current communication capabilities are supporting digital evolution.

Our ebook looks over research conducted in November of 2021 with 456 professionals from higher education, healthcare, local councils and central government 83% agreed that everyone in the organisation was responsible for the customer experience, yet only 53% indicated current communication systems enable them to deliver an excellent experience.

in the ebook, you can learn:

  • The pandemic’s impact on digital transformation
  • An assessment of current communication systems
  • The challenge of balancing the generational divide
  • The requirements to modernise communications
  • Taking Microsoft Teams from good to great


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