Published Aug 2021

10 questions to ask when looking at business mobile service providers

A must-have guide for businesses looking to find the right business mobile service provider

Finding the right service provider is never easy and mobile is no exception.

To help you identify the best mobile service provider for your business, we caught up with Opus’ mobile sales director, Juliette Lee, to discover the top 10 questions you should ask when reviewing business mobile providers. Download this must-read guide today.

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Opus business mobile service provider
In this guide, we guide you through some of the key questions you should be asking, for example: 
  1. How many mobile network choices are there, and who will your contact be with?

  2. What you should you be looking for in a mobile portal/app?

  3. How will your account be managed and what experience should your provider be able to guarantee?

  4. What contractual terms are important?

    And more ….



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