Adapting your Communications for Hybrid Working [Download our guide]

What is the new normal for businesses during and post-COVID 19?

In response to the first national lockdown, organisations throughout the UK reacted admirably to equip their staff with the technology they needed to work safely and remotely from home. Fast forward to the middle of 2021, many businesses are beginning to look at a full or partial return to the office.   With this return, organisations could find themselves faced with a new challenge: how do they once again adapt their systems and processes, this time to accommodate a working environment split between office and home workers? Start reading this guide.


One thing that’s for certain is that organisations need to look at how they now future proof their operations to adapt to an increasingly changing world where flexible working is likely to remain. They will need to look closely at the technology their teams are using and what is required to maximise the opportunity for communication and collaboration in the hybrid world of work.

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In our latest guide ‘Five ways to adapt your communications roadmap for hybrid working’ we examine the key business trends emerging post-pandemic, the top hybrid working challenges businesses are facing and five ways that businesses looking to adapt should review their communications strategies around flexible hybrid working.

In our guide we look at:

  • Key emerging trends for the hybrid-workforce
  • What the top hybrid working challenges are
  • Five ways that you can adapt your communications estate to facilitate hybrid working going forward
  • and more...

Download your copy of this guide by clicking on the image below, today.

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